The Line Of Battle Of The United States Essay

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In 2014, the line of battle began to draw the states between those who wanted two forces citizens to vaccinate their children. Some of those he respected and valued the legal right to exercise and give their own consent to a medical risk taking, even including vaccination. In 2014 SB 277 Bill got a boost when the American Medical Association had it determined that at the Annual Meeting supporters tighten their limits on Immunization off out. In this new policy that they wanted to adopt by physicians group, the AMA where to turn in to seek out a more strict state law that requires immunization and not to allow exemptions only for medical reasons.
February 2015 a bill is introduced by the Senator Richard Pam, D-Sacramento, & Van Allen, D-Santa Monica, this happened due to the outbreak in December of 2014 began in Disneyland and second 136 people in the state of California, as well as a few other states prior to the outbreak was declared in mid-April.
California now along with two other states joined Mississippi and West Virginia that perm only medical exemptions as legitimate reasons to evade vaccinations.
There are four times its student vaccination records are required by law. The first one is when they enter daycare or preschool, the second one is when they enter kindergarten, the third is entering Kindergarten and forth for anytime K through 12 students change school districts. Changing schools within a district does not require the student’s parent/guardian to provide…

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