Essay on The Lincoln Electric Company Culture

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The Lincoln Electric Company is a manufacturer of welding machines, and it is the largest in the world. They employ 2,400 workers in the United States factories located in Cleveland, Ohio, about 600 in factories abroad, and another 200 sales employees. The turnover rate for the company is very low, and employee morale and productivity are high. The incentive management plan for Lincoln is very well recognized, and many schools use Lincoln’s plan as a basis to increase employee productivity. (Sharplin, n.d.). I happen to live near Cleveland, and I can say as a resident that Lincoln has a good reputation. It is known in Cleveland to be a great place to work. Starting from the beginning, Lincoln Electric had a company culture that focused on the employees. In 1915, each employee received paid life insurance and in 1917 a welding school, which is still in existence, was created. A bonus plan for employees was implemented the following year. The Lincoln Electric Employees’ Association was made and provided health benefits and activities for employees in 1919. The organization is still in existence. (Sharplin, n.d.). The company’s culture in its early days had a tone that focused on the employees, and some of these aspects are still in place today. The founders also had a company philosophy. James F. Lincoln saw customers’ needs as the focus. He also believed the employees and management should cooperate and be happy and have a good relationship, so he opposed unions. The…

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