How Did Abraham Lincoln Change America

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There are many leaders who have made America a better place. However, Abraham Lincoln 's aspirations, passion, and beliefs changed the course of history of not only America, but the world as well. Abraham Lincoln’s life defines the American experience: free, allows for self-expression, and opportunistic. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, knew that change was necessary to transform America into a flourishing country. His willingness to go to war to keep the Union together, presidential speeches that healed up the nation’s wounds and his strive towards opposing traditional ideas manifest the model of self-government that all nations aim to achieve. ( Lincoln’s biggest challenge in changing America and the world was the Civil War, …show more content…
In following, both sides called for more soldiers, more Southern states joined the Confederacy, and the nation headed into civil war. During the last month of 1862, the North experienced a humiliating defeat at Fredericksburg, and in May of 1863, the Union Army became extremely disheartened at Chancellorsville after suffering another defeat to Robert Lee’s army (Sandburg 189). Lee, the leader of the Confederate army, now felt obligated to progress into the North and try to annihilate Lincoln 's army on Northern soil. It was now Lincoln’s job to reignite the courage in his troops and give them the confidence to turn this war around. Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863 after the Union victory at the Battle of Antietam. The Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in rebellious Southern states. Nevertheless, it changed the purpose of the war. From the Northern view, the war became a fight to end slavery and preserve the Union. In July of 1863, Lee suffered a bloody defeat to the Union army at the Battle of Gettysburg. Union general Ulysses S. Grant seized Vicksburg which split the Confederacy in two

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