Essay on The Limits Of Hamilton County

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Within the limits of Hamilton County, roughly 3,700 violent crimes are reported to the county sheriff’s departments as well as local police agencies. The majority of violent crimes involve at least one victim if not more depending on the scenario of the crime. Thus, making Hamilton County possess 3,700 victims within the perimeter. Victims endure physical, emotional, and psychological harm and require assistance to reintegrate afterwards. Hence, victim advocates and victim services the sine qua non for the justice system. Chattanooga, Soddy Daisy, East Ridge, Red Bank, Signal Mountain, Collegedale, Lookout Mountain, Walden, Lakesite, and Ridgeside residents are all considered to be within the statistics for Hamilton County (Hamilton Co., 2016). 336,463 individuals were reported to reside within the county which means at least 1.1% of all residents are victims of a crime. Victims may require medical attention, counseling for mental issues that arise, legal assistance if law enforcements choose to prosecute, and other services that they may not have the funds to do so. Breaking down Hamilton County’s statistics for the year 2015 reported from the Uniform Crime Report, the findings conclude 262 violent crimes, 1 murder, 39 rapes, 14 robberies, 2,087 acts of aggravated assault, 10,356 incidents of property crime, 1,832 counts of burglary, and 16 counts of arson (UCR: Table 10, 2015). The previous statistics are data that is collected as the total reported to the…

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