The Lightning Thief Analysis

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3. In the Lightning Thief, the introductory chapters establish that the main character, Percy, lives in modern-day Manhattan, New York. They also show Percy’s personality and his relationship with other characters.

Percy’s pre-algebra teacher turning into a monster and trying to kill him is the inciting incident. The action continues to rise as Percy's mom drives him and his satyr friend to a special camp while the Minotaur chases them. The Minotaur seemingly kills Percy’s mom, but it is revealed that she may still be alive. It is also revealed that someone has stolen Zeus's master bolt and Percy is a suspect due to who his father is. Percy and two of his friends go on a quest to find the master bolt and subsequently his mother.

The climax of the story is when they go to the Underworld and meet Hades, the person they suspect to be behind the theft of the master bolt and the kidnapping of Percy’s mom. He is responsible for the latter, but it is then revealed that the master bolt has been hidden in Percy's
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Percy encounters Ares, the god who tricked them. Percy gets Ares to agree to return the helm of darkness if he defeats him. He does, using some …show more content…
Both of these stories follow the basic elements of plot, but there are some key differences. In the Lightning Thief, the inciting incident occurs very early on in the story. Kimi no Na wa spends more time setting up the situation and fleshing out the main and supporting cast. There is a lot more action between the introduction and the climax in the Lightning Thief. There is also more that occurs between the climax and the ending. Although they are both satisfactory endings, they are very different. The ending of Kimi no Na wa is conclusive and leaves very little room for speculation. The Lightning Thief’s ending leaves room for a sequel and leaves the reader with a lot of unanswered

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