Essay on The Lighthouse By William Woolf

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Virginian Woolf was an English author who was born and raised into a privileged household in England in 1982 ( Editors). She worked as an essayist, novelist, publisher and critic. Several pieces of her writings such as essays, short stories, and novels were published throughout the 1920’s (Virginia Woolf – Biography). She is the author of To the Lighthouse, published in 1928; a work that embodies her exploration of independence and that juxtaposes two different images of women. The feminist approach lends itself well to a reading of the novel; it is a suitable approach to the novel as it critiques a patriarchal society and functions to make all aware of the gender limiting elements of life. By applying the feminist approach to the characters of Mrs. Ramsay, Mr. Tansley, Andrew Ramsay, and Lily Briscoe who are observed in the novel, To the Lighthouse, one is able to view the attitudes towards women of the time. A patriarchal society is defined as a society in which men have significant power over women (Napioski). It is a society that empowers men and subordinates women to the status of objects. In turn, the feminist approach is based on the belief that gender determines everything or that gender determines nothing. Various aspects of the feminist approach including examining stereotypes and how the portrayal of men and women in literature reflect or reject the social norms to be expected in society at the time. The feminist approach examines literature using three…

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