Essay on The Light Of Commodity Feminism

1166 Words Dec 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Communication and Culture seeks to understand important and often disregarded aspects of our society. It addresses topics like institutional racism, colonialism, gender roles, misrepresentation, etc. I am particularly interested in the portrayal of women particularly in media and advertisements. After analyzing an ad in the light of commodity feminism I began to think about the ways women are represented in media. They are hyper sexualized, objectified, and often times reaffirm gender roles. I hope my research will help me understand this phenomena and why even after the post modern feminist movement women are still reduced in advertising and media to nothing more than a prop. Responsibly researching this topic will allow me to uncover the reasons why women are portrayed as perfect sexual beings in advertisements and media considering that it only hurts the self esteems and psyches of young girls. I find this issue to be compelling especially because its impact on women (especially the youth) is detrimental considering it’s reaffirming stereotypes and perceived gender roles, setting impossible standards for women to achieve. As a communication researcher, I feel most drawn to the critical theories theoretical paradigm. I prefer this approach over the other approaches because it does not aim to capture and describe observations as reality or “status quo.” Critical theories focus on the relationship between power, privilege, and oppression. It addresses ideas in relation to…

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