The Lifestyle Of An Ms 13 Gang Members Essay

2002 Words Jul 12th, 2015 null Page
During the film, we got to review the lifestyle of an MS-13 gang members. This is a highly organized street gang that works throughout the United States and central America, and noted more recently throughout the entire world. Many of the activities that these gang members participate in on a daily basis is considered to be deviant behavior. Some of these activities include drug dealing, drug smuggling, extortion, robbery, assault, bribery, rape, and murder just to name a few. All of these actions are to be considered deviant by the general public because they are violating the norms of our society. Some may ask, why is this group of people so deviant? The answer that I can come up with is that these are all part of their daily life. These activities are considered norms of the MS-13 gang. This group has created their own private society, which offers many benefits to it 's members. These gangsters offer many people things in life they never would have been able to achieve on their own. Although, in order to be apart of this society you have to do many illegal and unethical things, you receive a lot of benefits in return such as money, safety in a community, and family of other gangsters. The way that these gangsters choose to live life is now become the norm to their society, as stated above. So now we must begin to identify which activities are truly unethical and effecting innocent people, and which acts of deviance can kind of be put on the back burner. The group as a…

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