The Lifestyle Modification Program

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Through out the years many people have been suffering from this chronic disease called obesity. Obesity is a condition that affects a person’s body mass index; also know as BMI, it is when someone has exuberance adipose tissue in the body. It is one of the most prominent causes in the United States for disability and morbidity and has given a big rise in healthcare costs. The U.S population has grown tremendously within the years and obesity has taken over one- third of the adult population (approximately 78.6 million Americans) (Gregorie, L 2004). A mix between improper diet and lack of physical activity has created such a disease and has transformed into a leading cause of death in the United States.
For individuals suffering with obesity,
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It all starts in the mind and studies prove that disadvantaged individuals have a problem with weight control because of their circumstances. According to Lok, (2010) “Hong Kong has come up with a program that is called, “The Lifestyle Modification Program” which gives low calories diets and physical exercises individualized by nutritionist.” The problem is this program is designed for people that have money, but not all families are able to eat a well-balanced meal and sometimes fast food is the easiest way to stay full. The results of this study suggest that in order to have a normal health, one must be able to live a finically well life and by doing so, you can prevent obesity or worse illnesses. Obesity is a major concern to many individuals suffering from this disease because it can lead to bigger problems such as cancer, heart disease, dyslipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, and a possible stroke (Sanderson, S, Diefenbach, M, Streicher, S …show more content…
This epidemic has been prolonged enough, and has given much intensification in todays world. The solution is to be more aware of the effects on obesity and to educate people to take precaution on the impact on this disease. As a society it is crucial to encourage each other on how important it is to feeling and being healthy. There should be more organic markets available, and less fast food restaurants to make it easier for the community to make healthier choices. Healthcare should also not cover surgeries that help with obesity, but instead give nutritional therapy that will give patients a better mind set of a living a well balanced life. It is crucial for parents to start from young to lead children to a healthier mindset so that in the future they wont come across health problems from obesity. Overall, obesity is becoming our worst virus, and compelling solutions are needed immediately. Change will take time, but with positive impact into our today’s world it will come in the

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