Essay on The Life You Can Save

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One of the many arguments that Singer presents throughout his article, “The Life You Can Save”, has made Mr. Singer a preeminent and well-known philosopher. Singer claims that in not donating to human organization, those in a financial position to do so are acting immorally. Donating substantial bulk of your earnings to people that can’t meet their basic needs is a step to true happiness. Mr. Singer explains that in 2009, there was a total estimate of 10 million children under the age of 5 that died of causes to poverty, which included: contracting malaria, measles and diarrhea. Unfortunately, these children are vulnerable to all ghastly diseases, which are created from a lack of resources like clean water and basic hygiene. Thus, by conferring agencies like UNICEF and Oxfam money, they help dwindle poverty and assist them with proper primitive needs like heath care and food. World bank defines poverty as not being able to meet basic human needs such as food, water, shelter, clothing, education and sanitation. In 2008, 1 billion people were still living on less than 1 dollar per day. Mr. Singer believes that supreme poverty doesn’t just mean unsatisfied materials but a sense of degrading powerlessness. Another argumentative example that Mr. Singer presents to us is with a very rare and valuable old Bugatti car that Bob parked at a railway track that divides into two. On the other tack, there is a child playing. Bob notices that the train is heading towards…

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