The Life Of Yuval Noah Harari 's Sapiens Essays

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In chapters eleven and twelve of Yuval Noah Harari 's Sapiens, the author begins to discuss the world and all of its different cultures coming together. With the increase in trade, regions begin to vie for power through the creation of empires. These empires begin to control and dominate large areas of land. The domination of these regions increases the empire influence on trading as well as culture. As regions are conquered and new cultures are assimilated into their conqueror 's society, their own ideas and cultural practices come with them and influence the empire. One of these ideas that is spread is religion. These religious practices vary from location to location and reflect its regions sphere of influence. Local farmers tended to be polytheistic as they focused on worshipping Gods of harvest and health.. Also, many of the world 's religions were influenced heavily by each other. Even with the influences of religions such as Judaism on Christianity and dualism on multiple religions, there still was religious turmoil. Warfare between different religions led to the death of millions of people. Through examples given by Harari, many of these empires are able to assimilate different cultures and their respective beliefs so that they are unified. This idea of a harmonious government, however, is rarely seen in the history of the United States. When the United States was first founded, it was seen as a place where people could be free of religious persecution. Many of the…

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