The Life Of Yigael Yadin Essay

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The life of Yigael Yadin is filled with motivation and purpose. Growing up the son of an archaeologist and women’s rights activists, Yadin learned about inherited historical values; the importance of discovering and preserving history and the necessities of future change in today’s world. Yigael Yadin, first named Yigael Sukenic’s parents Eleazer Sukenik and Hasya Sukenik-Feinsod had a great impact on his life and foundational beliefs. Yadin, enlisting in military exploits at the age of fifteen, entered the service and made profound marks in this area of his life. Destined to succeed in this endeavor, he became a hero fighting for the independence of Israel. From the military, he was catapulted to Chief of Staff, then finally returned to the scene of biblical archaeology which provided him solid roots for him to focus on uncovering the hidden history of the Israelite nation. Ultimately, Yadin’s drive to find, translate and disclose archaeological data, the endeavor to protect and free the Israelite people, and desire to teach others in the process of uncovering historical data is a notable link that connects and works through Yadin’s life and archaeological career.
Early Life and Military Service Early in the life of Yigael, archaeology was to build a foundation. His fathers’ work within Archaeology, his accomplishments, the how to’s and how not to’s were essential. Essentially, he was apprenticing under his father, learning the family trade as many young men have…

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