The Life Of Waimanalo, Hawaii

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Waimanalo, Hawaii One of the main reasons people like to travel is to get away from the day to day schedule of working and going to school. However, there are a handful of people who travel for the adventure that certain destinations could bring them. One of the most important things is to get out and do things, live life to the fullest and never settle for the norm of day to day life. Waimanalo is a little town just 30 minutes outside of Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Despite Hawaii being overseas, it is a beautiful place to visit.
The town’s name Waimanalo in Hawaiian means “potable water” for the vast variety of ponds and streams in the town that the natives use for farming and animals. The descendants of the Polynesian and Tahitian
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The day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Sometime during that day a Japanese mini sub containing two passengers was surfaced on Waimanalo Beach. The only survivor from the mini sub surfacing was Kazuo Sakamaki. Kazuo was the first Japanese prisoner of war. Shortly after being captured by U.S forces, Kazuo felt great shame. With being captured, he asked if he could kill himself for dishonoring his country. The U.S would refuse his demands to kill himself. After capturing Kazuo they sent him to a POW camp for the duration of the war. He was often sent camp to camp throughout the war. Many years after the war had concluded and he was set free he wrote a memoir titled “I Attacked Pearl Harbor.” Later in 1991 Kazuo visited a historical conference where they had his mini sub from 1941 in near perfect condition. Kazuo was brought to tears upon seeing his mini sub. Kazuo lived a peaceful life until passing away in 1999 …show more content…
There are many things to do while in Waimanalo like, going surfing, paragliding, canoeing, fishing, hiking, camping, and so much more. The culture in Waimanalo is very diverse, there are not just native Hawaiians, but people from other places as far as Asia and Europe. Waimanalo is for sure a place to visit if you want a laid back and easy vacation to get away from your everyday life. Considering Hawaii is still part of the United States but it is overseas which means going there could be costly and a long flight in an airplane. But the journey is definitely worth the cost and long plane ride. Waimanalo is just like any other ordinary little town in any other state but what makes it unique is the culture, the people, the diversity, and the view of the ocean. So get out and find your Waimanalo Town and live life and don’t sit back in the day to day norm of working and going to school. It’s your life make the most of

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