The Importance Of Quality Of Life In Venezuela

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Venezuela, the place where I was born, where I grew up. It has valuable minerals, being the number one pioneer of the biggest reserve of oil, and Nicolas Maduro was now commanding one of the happiest countries in the world. Ever since he became president, political and economic issues have tormented the country. After Maduro became president in 2013, the Venezuelan people did not have any food in cabinets. When despair came into families and hungry consumed them. That is when queues started to be chaos in the country. Queues just to buy basic goods. Citizens started to leave their jobs to buy food and if being lucky get two or three products. Needs began to consume the country. The quality of life began to fall. Insecurity could take place at any time of the day; thieves could attack, or even worst kill. …show more content…
I didn’t know how to interact with people around me, not even with my neighbors. Not to mention my driving lessons, all I need to move around the city is a car; there is a lack of public transportation. You don’t see people walking to buy groceries, or going to the pharmacy. I felt pressured to have driving lessons. In my hometown, I never drove. Not even for a second because just for the thought of getting into a crash accident scared me. None of this could happen without speaking English. I had some knowledge since I used to have tutors going to my house to teach me English. My parents always wanted me to speak English and, for some reason; I always loved it. The way people talked, the difference between the words, it seemed like a whole different world. The world that I was now in it. One month went by. One month of missing my family and my friends. One month of missing was waking up every morning to a house full of joy. I was feeling homesick. Getting to a country that I only went for holidays and shopping is not the same as to live, is entirely different. Getting accustomed to things is

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