Essay on The Life Of The United States

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Fifty-eight years ago Johanna came to the United States. Tired of farm life and hoping for new opportunities she emigrated here from rural Ireland at the age of eighteen with her cousin Maeve. Together they established themselves in New York City working for Avon as sales consultants. They quickly met navy men and were soon each married. Johanna married Charles in Long Island, New York where they then moved and started a family. She remains there together, though Charles passed away last year at the age of seventy-nine. She remains healthy despite a cancer diagnosis two years ago which went into remission and returned this past March. Trial treatments left her muscles atrophied, but she has since recovered. Johanna has moved back into her home where she lives alone, though the house is infrequently lacking in guests. Her thirteen grandchildren, three adult children and cousin Maeve all live within thirty minutes of her home. She is religious, fiercely independent and beyond compassionate.
With the help of the Wellness Wheel Personal Health Inventory and an extensive interview, Johanna and I have learnt a great deal about her current health situation. Her scores shocked me a bit; I knew she was overall a healthy woman but it seemed impossible to have nearly all 5’s. I believe she was not totally honestly partly because I am her granddaughter and some questions were intimate, but also, she is typically overly optimistic about her wellbeing. I explored this and outlined it…

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