The Life Of The Earth Essay

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In the beginning gods roamed the earth changing all the flaws they found within the lonesome planet. All the gods would look down upon their throne and see all the flaws that the earth held within. Not one major god took it upon themselves to change what needed to be changed. So the small gods went out and did their dirty work. They changed the tides of the ocean, the time of the sunset, and showed the humans a new way of living life. When all was said and done the humans were still lonely. The humans would hunt the way the gods showed them to, but when the work day was done they had nothing to do. Then came Nikola, son of Harmonia and Theodosios, and his goal was to change the way of the humans.

Nikola was the youngest of his siblings, he had one brother Matthias and two sisters, Calista and Evadne. Matthias, Nikola 's elder brother, was the chosen one by their parents. Matthias was the god that gave humans technology, and for that he was favored by most humans too. Calista was Nikola 's eldest sister, she was the goddess of beauty. All of Mount Helios, which was where the gods lived, fell for Calista and her charm. Then Evadne came along, and she was the closest one to Nikola. She was the goddess of food and animals, and she was the most loving out of all Mount Helios. She showed humans compassion and love, while the rest of the gods turned their shoulder.

When Nikola set out to find his purpose he did it alone for he thought the other gods and goddesses would laugh at…

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