Education In Frederick Douglass

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Frederick Douglass was a slave that was able to educate himself and eventually escape to the North to freedom. In the book, Douglass describes his journey to freedom after many moves and changes in his life. The book brings to light many of the hardships included in the lives of slaves. A contrast throughout the book is the common practice of slave owners keeping slaves in the dark about major concepts, like reading, writing, and political issues, while education can lead to freedom for many slaves. Douglass survives the ebb and flow of slavery and is able to escape the miserable lifestyle as an adult.

Frederick Douglass is unaware of his actual birth date because slave owners often kept this information from their slaves. Douglass’s
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Unlike Hugh Auld, Thomas is very cruel from the beginning. Douglass is different now because of his education and awareness of antislavery views. Because of his new, stronger opinions, Douglass is deemed unmanageable and is sent to a “slave breaker.” A slave breaker is someone that is paid to break the will of disobedient slaves until they no longer want to resist slave life. This particular “slave breaker” is named Edward Covey. Within the first few months, Douglass is worked and punished enough to break his spirit. He loses his interest in education and freedom for a time. Covey leaves Douglass no time to think or plan an escape. Douglass is constantly resting from hours of work or recovering from punishment …show more content…
Being born into slavery, learning to read, being moved from master to master, to eventual freedom, Douglass has a unique perspective of slavery in America. As a college student, the book is motivating in the strongest of ways. There are no excuses for not becoming the best person possible after learning of the great accomplishments of Frederick Douglass. The book emphasizes the concept for keeping slaves ignorant of the outside world in order to maintain their control. Frederick Douglass broke the mold and earned his freedom through education. This concept empowers the idea that slavery is inhumane and immoral. Slave owners knew that educated slaves would see slavery for its evil reality and fight to end

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