The Life Of Sigmund Freud Essay

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The Life of Sigmund Freud
Gabriel A. Supnet
Damien Memorial School

This paper goes over the life and findings of Sigmund Freud in the field of psychology. This paper will go over his childhood, family life, education, career, and personal life. It will go over how he became involved in psychology. It will show his major contributions and what he was known for. It shows his affect on the world of psychology and ways his contributions are still used today.

The Life of Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud was born in Frieberg, Moravia, which is now known as the Czech Republic on May 6, 1856 to a Jewish family. His original name was Sigimund Freud, which he later changed to “Sigmund”. His father Jacob married three times, had two children with the first, and eight from his third marriage with Amelia Nathansohn, Sigmund being the third oldest of the ten. Jacob was a textile dealer and wool merchant. Sigmund inherited his father’s sense of humor, and showed he was capable of strong emotional feelings. Because of the Nazi rule and influence in Austria, the Freud’s were under heavy anti-semitic ridicule. His father Jacob was adamant and unresponsive towards the oppression, which profoundly disturbed Sigmund. Sigmund was deeply affected by childhood memories. One such event was when he intentionally urinated in his bed, to which his dad exclaimed “There will come nothing of this boy!” Sigmund dreamed of that moment many times which was followed with…

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