Essay on The Life Of Pi By Yann Martel

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The Life of PI by Yann Martel takes us through a mind blowing journey of faith, struggle and obstacles. Pi Patel was stranded on a boat by himself for over 100 days but was still able to remain grateful during his time of struggle. Many things inspired his strong willed nature of not being thankful during his time’s of struggles. One being his unwavering faith in God, the others being his ability to find God Inside of him and him being able to remain thankful to those who kept him alive even though he accepted that he was going to die. Pi Patel’s faith and strength throughout his journey allowed himself to survive the process.
Pi is grateful in times of suffering because his connection with his faith practices, allows him to hope for a life beyond his own. He is able to put his faith connection over his own suffering. We see throughout Pi’s Journey on the boat, that he grips on God so he can get through his time on the boat. Pi believed that God had a plan for him, even through his suffering. Even when it came down to him almost dying, he did not blame God for his suffering. Instead he yelled out “God Preserve me!...” (Martel 140). This statement from Pi shows us what unwavering faith looks like. Before he yells out to God, Pi is faced with his life on the line as Richard Parker gets closer to Pi, with an added dehydration, Pi was suffering. But instead of losing hope like many others would, he ask God to preserve his life. The situation shows us that death doesn 't shake…

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