Essay on The Life Of Pi By Yann Martel

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Literature is all around us. It is prominent and used in all studies to gain connections. One connection is to compare Literature to Real World situations or world problems. Authors always have a source of inspiration from some other work of literature and or situations occurring in the past, present, or future. In some cases, fiction or drama literature sometimes has underlying themes or realities that are current to today’s societies. The author could take a real-world situation into a fictional event in order to gain awareness of a certain current event or to imagine the reader in a world that is present and different from our daily routine.
Many authors try to incorporate every day lessons or argument into their literature. One famous contemporary fiction author, Yann Martel, famous for his novel The Life of Pi, incorporates a story of a young boy named Pi, and his connection to animals before tragedy strikes. Martel presents many themes throughout the novel such as survival, religion, and the ethics and importance of animals. One may question why religion and animals are both prominent themes in the novel. Pi has an interest in different species as well as different religions. Martel first grabs readers in by mentioning that Pi has a degree in both Zoology and Theology from the University of Toronto. Pi has taken two majors that do not seem to coincide and shows the reader how they both can relate to one another. His love for animals and zoology came from his family.…

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