The Life Of Olaudah Equiano Essay

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While slavery was brutal and difficult itself, the process in which Africans become slaves could be seen as just as horrific. In Olaudah Equiano’s narrative, The Life of Olaudah Equiano, Equiano recalls his heart-wrenching tale of being kidnapped into slavery. From experiencing it firsthand, Equiano is able to explicitly describe the fear, grief, despair, and brutality slaves like himself underwent. From being torn from family, dragged to strange new lands, to be thrown on an over-cramped ship, and then finally being sold into slavery, the injustice of slavery starts from the moment they’re kidnapped. Africans could never be truly at peace. The constant fear of being stolen from their homes loomed over their heads constantly. Children would have other children hide from above to keep an eye of any potential kidnappers. Although Equiano never explicitly says it, it can be assumed parents had nightmares of coming home to find none of their children there. The pain of loss is universal. Many people have most likely experienced the woes of losing a pet or parents so Equiano losing his sister must have struck a chord with many Europeans. (Equiano).
Kidnapped Africans didn’t know if they would live or die, if they lived would they be able to escape, or if they would stay in Africa or cross the treacherous Atlantic to the New World. An honest mistake resulting the death of a chicken (which was probably intended to be killed anyway for human consumption) sends Equiano running…

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