The Life Of My Life

Many can say they have a good life, but I can say that I have a very fun super exciting life that you wish you had. I think being me is amazing. I may not have the typical life of a regular kid or student but I would much rather have my life than an average everyday kid. Most kids have friends just at school, but I have friends in close and far away places. All this comes from the life of being a top level soccer player in the state of ohio. There are many things that I have experienced, and as a result I have had a very interesting life that has shaped how I live and look at life. The first time I started playing soccer was when I was three. It started in my backyard defending for myself against my four brothers and sisters who are all older. My parents …show more content…
What they saw was determination. They said when I was little I was determined to always win and get done whatever was given to me. As I grew up, I hated losing in anything. It could be something as simple as a backyard volleyball and I would not want to lose. But as I grew up I had a fellow redhead rival ever since we were very little. His name was Stephan Milhoan. Stephan was like me in every aspect. He looked like me, we were always the best, and we especially both hated to lose. The first time I had played against him was a 3v3 soccer tournament at Akron University soccer field. Both our teams were in the final and he had his partner in crime who had been his friend since day one and have always been together, his name was Will Turrittin. Between Stephan, Will, and two other players they had they were definitely the best in the area. I was on my Coventry school team so we were at a large disadvantage as I had carried the team to the finals. Both teams step onto the field and we knew nothing about

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