The Life Of My Life Essay

786 Words Feb 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Everyone have some sort of struggles in life. I think most of the time that we see people every day with their game faces on. Life demands us to grow and become stronger human beings. But not everyone is same. We people choose our path according to our goals in life. Those paths might be many different according to their interests, beliefs and dreams. Those paths sometimes make us outsiders in society and in our hearts. This world is filled with people yet we find ourselves being lonely. This is my story of transition to a new life from my old life.
Clear blue sky, fast-paced city, cars honking, and my family when I think of my home land. First 20 year of my life was spent in my home country “Mongolia”. It is the most wonderful and peaceful place on earth for me. Everyone has different backgrounds and their story. I was raised in a family where they taught me to care, love, and be honest with others and yourself. Growing up I was always supported by my parents and 3 siblings. I’m the third child of my family. I learned many lessons from my family. They supported me for my whole life and still is but from far.
I’ve always been a dreamer in my family. Life gave me wonderful family, childhood and opportunities. I used to dream of becoming a CEO of a big company when I was kid. The thought of becoming someone rich, powerful, and influencing was extremely exciting yet wasn’t realistic at the moment. Instead of dreaming about becoming a CEO, I started to imagine myself moving to…

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