The Life Of Mr. Dombey And His Son Essay

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When I first began reading Dombey and Son, I expected it to focus heavily on the business world in Victorian England and the lives of Mr. Dombey and his son, Paul, throughout the novel. I assumed the novel would delve deeply into the lives of men during this period and not touch much on women. What I found instead was a novel that portrays several personalities of women and how they can make powerful changes on the men in the novel. Two of the most unusual and interesting women we discussed from the novel were Edith Granger and Alice Marwood. Both women are beautiful and proud to the point where it becomes difficult to even distinguish the two from one another. The only obvious difference to be seen is that they both come from different social classes. I believe that both Alice and Edith are victims of their scheming mothers and domineering men in order to show that both classes can suffer in equal terms, however, I think both women are not as damaged as they believed since there are still signs of love in their hearts for the people who love them in return. In class, we discussed the striking similarities between Edith and Alice. We talked about how both women feel like they have suffered under the control of their mothers in order to social climb. We even mentioned how they are described as looking similar in appearance, both from their beauty and their pride. Even in the novel, Edith notices “And yet, however far removed she was in dress, in dignity, in beauty, Edith…

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