The Life Of Melody Ann Schmaltz Essays

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The life of Melody Ann Schmaltz, the life of me, begins on a day other than my birthday. It is common for a person to assume that his or her life began on the day he or she emerged from the womb and came into the world. I, however, am a believer in the concept that life begins as soon as conception occurs. I was conceived in the middle of November during the year 1995. My mother was not expecting another child, but she was still ecstatic when she discovered that I was part of her. Unlike the majority of expectant parents, my parents did not want to learn the sex of their unborn child until my birth. After a healthy and easy pregnancy, my mother went into labor on August 9th, 1996. At 9:02 PM, I finally emerged into the world and met my family for the first time. When they saw that I was a girl, my sister was especially cheerful. My sister, Melinda, was eleven years old at the time of my birth; she is the one that ultimately decided my name. My mother had a coffee mug that had a poem about a melody imprinted on it, and my sister decided that “Melody” was a beautiful name for her baby sister. The first six months of my life were characterized by typical infant milestones, such as laughing for the first time or sitting up by myself. But when I was around six months old, my mother decided that we would be better off without the presence of my father. The stories that I have heard about him strike fear into my heart, and I find my mother and older sister to be beyond…

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