Essay about The Life Of Martin Luther

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The Life of Martin Luther
From being a homeless beggar to one of the most well known names in the world Martin Luther experienced many walks of lives helping him to do the effective work he did during his life from 1483- 1546. This man made a huge impact not only where he was from in Germany, but globally; we can still see his change today. Through his revolution paper, 95 Theses, he opened the eyes of many to what was happening in the Catholic Church and struck a controversy that would stir the whole world. Because of this, he made numerous friends, but just as many enemies.
Coming from humble beginnings, Luther grew up in a strong but poor Catholic home in Eisleben, Germany. He went to school in Mansfield until he was 13 years old. After attending school he went to Magdeburg where he sang for food as a beggar on the streets because his family could no longer support him and he had reached the extent of schooling for poor children like himself. Just over a year later he made the decision to pursue a further education, so he went on his way to Eisenach where he attended the School of St. George. While at school, a woman named Ursula Cotta took pity on his state and invited him to live in her home with her and her husband. He spent 4 years with this generous couple while he attended school. He then took off once more to chase education and left for Erfurt where he received a degree of Master of Arts.
While Luther was unsure of finding a way to Heaven, the Roman Catholic…

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