The Life Of Harriet Tubman 's Life Essay

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Harriet Tubman was born in December 1820 in Dorchester, Maryland. Growing up she had a very harsh and brutal childhood; both of her parents were enslaved. Her mother, Harriet “Rit” Green, was owned by master Mary Pattison Brodess. Her father, Ben Ross, was owned by Master Anthony Thompson. Both masters became a married couple. Mary Brodess’ son sold three of Harriet’s sisters too far away plantations to serve within the family. Harriet was thought of and viewed as stupid. Physical violence was a daily part of her slavery life. For instance, she received the whipping treatment from her master, and at only the age of three, a rock was thrown at her. As a result, for the rest of her life, she had occasional blackouts. Not only this, but one day Harriet recounted a particular day that she was whipped five times before breakfast. In her teen years she works in the fields. This job helped her develop physical strength; these were her most sever years of harsh treatment. Harriet was sent to a store by her master. After arriving, she observed a slave who had ran outside the premises without permission. Her master demanded her to stop or restrain the slave from a run away. She refused, which led to her master throwing a two pound rock weight which struck her in the head. This was a result of seizures, severe headaches, and uncontrollable periods of deep sleep. When slacking off at doing her job, she was given a much harder task; to check muskrat traps. Doing this led to a disease…

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