Essay on The Life Of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave

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Imagine having to work out in the fields under the unbearable sunlight hours of the day. A long day is ahead of you and you already feel exhausted. This is only a brief assertion of what slavery was like in America. Slaves faced hardship circumstances and their painful moments left scars that will always be present. Using reliable sources such as “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave”, audio recording voices from the Days of Slavery, and a PBS video on abolitionist, where slavery is existent in all the sources, it gives an insight of how slavery actually was and its impact upon history. All of the sources are in some ways similar to a highway map, showing the road from slavery to freedom. Leaving behind clues for others to follow in if they ever encounter something that they feel in their hearts that it is not fair.
Frederick Douglass was an American slave born in Tuckahoe. As most slaves he did not know the year he was born in, therefore he had no account of how old he was. He recounts how unhappy and confused he was because all the white children knew their ages, and he was not allowed to ask his own. Soon after birth, Douglass was separated from his mother Harriet Bailey, which was a common practice among slave owner. As a child, Douglass is mostly spared the worst kinds of suffering. He observes his aunt Hester while she is beaten and he suffers without even knowing it. Douglass does not know for a long time that the kind of life he lives isn’t…

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