The Life Of Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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The life of Edgar Allan Poe was nothing short of a series of unfortunate events. He was a gifted man who got dealt a bad hand by fate. Though most of his work found success after his death, the very few literary works that did get recognition did not bring him the success he so rightfully deserved in his lifetime. With over 100 stories, poems and short stories published under his belt Poe became a major influence to many literary styles and authors. He is said to be the creator of the genre of detective-fiction and with his amazing works he truly is still one of the greatest authors this world has come across. With all the hardship Poe had endured during his short life reading his stories gives us an inside look to the tormented soul he truly was, most of his work reflects some of the harsh aspects in his life. The fact that he lost both of his parents at a young age and was then adopted by a family that ended up abandoning him majorly influenced his work, many of the important women died in his life which also impacted him and because of all the pain he witnessed he turned to drugs and alcohol which played a big role in many of his stories.

First of all, at the young age of two, Poe was removed from his home and placed into the home of a man named John Allan and his wife Frances Allan. The Allan’s were a couple that were well off and didn’t comprehend the struggles that surrounded Poe’s life for those two previous years. John Allan was a successful tobacco merchant who…

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