The Life Of Dorothy L. Sayers Essay

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One of the many writers occasionally involved in the Oxford literary group The Inklings was Dorothy L. Sayers. The Inklings met weekly to enjoy each other’s company and discuss their latest writing endeavors (Zaleski). As a woman, she was not only a minority in the group but also as a scholar and Oxford graduate as well. The Inklings influenced each other’s writings and brought forth the creativity in each other.
Dorothy L. Sayers was born in Oxford, England on 13 June 1893 to Helen Mary Sayers and Reverend Henry Sayers. Dorothy’s middle initial stands for Leigh, her mother’s maiden name. This middle name was important to Dorothy and she was not pleased when people forgot to use it when referring to her (Hitchman 21). Dorothy was an intelligent and precocious child who was loved by all of her adult relatives and the servants in her home (22, 23). Sayers’ father made a living as a reverend and as an educator for boys. Her father’s experience educating boys influenced how he taught Dorothy and she was not educated in the way that the typical eighteenth-century English girl would be(24). When she was a young child, Dorothy’s family moved to the fen country of England (22) (Durkin 1114).
At the age of fifteen, Dorothy desperately wanted to go away to school. She was allowed to go to a school called Godolphin at the age of sixteen but did not like the experience once she was there. Dorothy did not have the same interests as the girls at the school. Although she was involved…

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