The Life Of David Gale And Dead Man Walking

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From 1973 to 2014, one hundred and forty four people on death row have been killed. Out of the one hundred and forty four people, four point one percent of the people actually were innocent of the crime they were killed for. Death row is a harsh punishment for accidental crimes but, the right thing to do for crimes purposely committed. The Life of David Gale and Dead Man Walking have many similarities and differences. Directed by Alan Parker, The LIfe of David Gale is about a college professor named David Gale who is part of an anti death penalty group. He is sentenced to death for rape and murder of another member of the group named Constance Harraway. A reporter, named Bitsey Bloom, is asked to interview David on his last days. Surprisingly, …show more content…
For example, both women are asked to talk to men on death row. Bitsey is a young reporter who tried to save David’s life knowing he was innocent. Sister Helen was a nun sent to talk to the murderer, Matthew, to save his soul. Both of the women represent caring and understanding people, which is how most women are known in our society.
Although the women have some similarities, there is one big difference. The audience watches as Bitsey realizes David did not actually murder Constance. In Dead Man Walking, Sister Helen knew Matthew committed the crime and never tried to help him get out off of death row. The significance between the two is the movies is how attached Bitsey got to David as she really tried to help save his life. Even though sister Helen got attached to Matthew, she never did help try to save his life, she saved his soul.
David and Matthew both come from different backgrounds but, they are similar in that they are both men on death row. David is a wealthy professor and Matthew is a hateful hic. Despite their differences, they were both subjected to death row. These films represent how there are larger amounts of men on death row. The two characters show how men are more likely to be forced to undergo death row than women
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In this case, the two movies have flashbacks that show what really happened to the men that were convicted. The flashbacks in The Life of David Gale make the audience side with David because they show he did not murder Constance. Although they show David was innocent, the flashbacks in Dead Man Walking show Matthew murdering the couple and makes the audience side more with the justice system. Considering the flashbacks make the audience side with either the man convicted or the justice system, they are significant in that they show the truth behind the two crimes and the men convicted of

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