Essay The Life Of Buddha By Martin Luther King

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Who will to think about when you hear the word of “racism”? Martin Luther King, one of the most famous people who against the discrimination in America. Every human being has a need to achieve fulfillment and live peaceful and satisfying life with those around them. The Life of Buddha analyzes the tale of one of Siddhartha Gautama and the journey he took to achieve enlightenment leading to his being known as the Buddha which translates to the awakened one. The life of a Buddhist requires one to live in a middle way, not to luxurious and not in poverty (Kohn). There are various factors that hinder individuals from living fulfilled their lives. Living a fully human life means making choices that are meant to make our lives delighted. The choices that make our lives happy should include having a healthy lifestyle, to riding ourselves of negative influences and shunning any form of discrimination such as racism. In order to live a fully human in the modern world, we should make the right choice that gets ride of all forms of discrimination. The early years were tough for the minority groups who were denied basic freedoms and rights in America. The civil rights movement was developed with a point to establishing equal rights for all people in America. The movement suffered a great deal in their quest to obtain the same rights that the white majority in the country enjoyed. They fight for their rights in order to obtain equality. It did not seem far that the African American…

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