The Life Of Benjamin Franklin Essay

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The life of Benjamin Franklin, an American mastermind, is purely breathtaking. His ability to accomplish so much within his life is proof of the American Dream. Not only did Franklin have a scientific life, but he also has a political life. Although first a strong supporter of the English crown and Parliament, Franklin later becomes a powerful and important contributor to the American Revolution. This paper will argue that Franklin’s reason for his shift is simply because of Great Britain’s unwilling efforts to compromise with the colonies.
Franklin begins his political life in 1751 as a representative to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. During his time as a representative, Franklin works to give Pennsylvania concrete streets and oil-burning street lights. Like many other American colonists, Franklin did not expect the American Revolution in 1776. Franklin’s loyalty to Britain is natural patriotism, for Great Britain is his mother country; the country of arts and influential thinkers. As the population of the colonies grows over the century, Franklin dreams of a future where the thirteen colonies and the British Empire mutually benefit each other; prosperity within a relationship between the parent and the children. He expresses his devoted patriotism towards Britain by devising a Plan of Union in 1751 (Chapter X / Page 123.) In his plan, he provides a strategy of defense for the colonies and a council of representatives from each colony with a governing president-general…

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