The Life Of Aaron B Deroux Essay

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Aaron B deRoux was born in a small hospital in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, but at a very young age moved to the United States. He move with his four older brothers, and his older sister. Coming to United States the deRoux family moved from state to state. Starting in Queens, New York to Los angles, California. Finally by the six, Aaron and family settled down in college park, Maryland. Moving to college park was a tremendous change for him at this young age, due to him living in large cities such as New York and LA, to a small suburban area in Maryland. Due to the constant change in setting, Aaron had a hard time keeping friends, but final after a couple months in the area he meet his long term friend Alvin Gant, Domonique Williams and Oscar Bonllia. These people would be friends that would stick by his side through his challenges of growing up into a young man. Aaron deRoux attend Cherokee lane elementary school where he would meet Ms. Rene, a woman that would be a second mother to him through his entire school career. Ms. Rene convinced the young deRoux to join the college park boy & girls soccer athletics program. He took park in three sports soccer, football and basketball. Sports would play huge part in Aaron’s life to this day.
By the age of 11, many kids where moving on to middle school. In Prince Georges area in which the deRoux family lived there were two schools in which Aaron could attend, Buck Lodge middle school, or martin Luther king middle school. He went to MLK for…

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