The Life Of A Slave By Harriet Jacobs Essay

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The life of a slave was not a life at all, for someone to be considered living, they must have a say in how their lives are lived. For slaves in the 1800’s a normal life was merely a thing to dream of. Their lives were planned for them, from the moment they were born they were nothing more than property to be owned. Less than human, and servants to the white man. A woman named Harriet Jacobs wrote a compelling book about her life as a slave. The book’s title is Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. In this book she told her readers of the many indecencies she dealt with in her life as a slave. From a young girl, to adulthood she bravely wrote about the dehumanization, the corruption, and the physiological damage set forth by the evil that is titled slavery.
Although the book is written by, and about Jacob’s life she presented herself with a different name in the reading, Linda Brent. Brent, in a first person narrative talks about her life, and what it was to be property of the white man. She was constantly considered to be less than human, and nothing more than property. The dehumanization of slaves played a large roll in this book, and while examples drawn from Brent’s personal experience was provided, examples from other slaves were frequently used. In many instances in the book slaves were compared to as animals such as cattle or horses. They had no value other than their duties as a loyal servant of the white community. They were not allowed to love, or marry. Brent…

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