The Life Of A Rural Village Essay example

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In the West, most nations consider the age 16 the coming of age period yet my story starts at the age of 5. When my fifth birthday came I realized what a birthday was it was the moment where everyone around me screamed in joy and was full of youthfulness. However, the truth was my birthday wasn’t just a regular birthday with cake and festivities but the day I learned the truth behind the lives of my peers. Living in a rural village with very limited access to healthcare, friends and family was everything. I realized my friends and my elder siblings who lost their life before the age of 5 that I played with never reached that point in life. From a young age I was questioning the lifestyle of my village. I figured out that many kids just disappear and no one mentions them ever again. By the time I became 7 I was a very curious child wandering around a lot which eventually lead me to find the answers I was seeking. In a secluded corner of the village few miles away from the village territory was a small hut that had the village doctor. I still relive that moment everyday when I met my first role model. He wasn’t just a regular man he was saving the lives of so many people but there is so much one man can do. Realizing all the troubles around my village my dream was to become a doctor.

Eager to heal patients I applied to one of the best medical schools in Bangladesh and got accepted. Fast-forward to first clinical rotation I was motivated and relentless to help the patients…

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