Essay about The Life Of A Price By Robert Louis Stevenson, Big World

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“Friendship, I suppose, comes at a price”
Robert Louis Stevenson, Big World

The road rushes past me as I stare down at the never-ending highway lines, listening to the Volkswagen’s engine threshing away behind us. Never thought that I’d be doing something that I’ll regret for the rest of my life, but here I am, a whole milestone away from my family, speeding down the highway before the sun rises, and as the sky turns a soft blue. I see the sun breaking the horizon as it shines its warmth down on me. Then I get the faint smell of stale cigarettes, and in the corner of my eye, I see Biggie lighting a ‘ciggy’ and taking a long drag before opening his eyes and sitting up with Meg in his arms.

As we drive by the next town from Broome, I suddenly hear the discerning sound of my mobile phone ringing at its loudest. I answer the call only to hear my dad whimpering as he tries to tell me that my mother is having her last few moments. As I heard these words, my heart sank, I was like a bag of emotions, confused about the whole situation and confused about what I should I say. The phone slipped out of my hand, as my hands quivered, my palms were swathed in sweat and my heart was beating erratically. I finally stopped quivering as Biggie hastily yells, “What’s wrong?”
I tell him “We need to go back!”

I couldn’t utter a single word as moments go by and then Biggie notices that my phone is still on, and quietly picks it and notices that my father is still on call. My…

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