The Life Of A Human Being Essay

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The life of a human being is a very complex topic to think about. Someone living across the country could have the same exact views as me, and someone living right next to me could have completely opposite views. This all depends on the person and their life experiences. The cross-section where different views contact one another is in the world of politics. When thinking about how a person came to their decision regarding politics, it can be seen as a giant puzzle, where each puzzle piece is a different part of their life that has gone into questioning and revaluating ones views. Since I am young and ignorant I cannot say that my puzzle has completely been generated. Although I have been in cases where my views were being questioned. When it comes to politics, every person has a different reason as to where and why their support lies there; it comes from all of those puzzle pieces coming together to make one big picture. Those pieces can be a variety of things like listening to the news coverage, writing a paper about an important topic, or even going to school can have an effect on what you politically believe. Along with having different beliefs, people also act in different ways towards the United States. It can be in a negative or positive way but it is what makes that person them. The beliefs and type of citizen I am towards this country have all been shaped by my parents, the environment in which I live in, and the personal life decisions I have made.
Having been…

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