Essay on The Life Cycle And Psychosocial Development

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After reading and dissecting this particular case that opens up chapter 11, I immediately become engaged in CJ’s story. CJ opens by giving background knowledge, which sounds like lots of fun, excitement, and adventure. The introduction shows me that CJ and spouse exited the later adolescence stage knowing exactly who they are leaving one to believe that they’re well equipped to handle the next psychosocial stage of early adulthood effortlessly. Unbeknownst to most the next stage of life and what life may bring we walk into things blinded. The beautiful thing about having accessibility to understand the life cycle and psychosocial development we can educate ourselves on the next phase taking action to prepare ourselves for what may come or predetermine coping skills anticipating what may or may not happen. In reality we can prepare all that we want, but we have no real knowledge of where even our selected or prepared paths may go.

CJ now well transitioned into early adulthood has to figure out a career path and begin to provide for self and family. CJ not understanding how work can affect your personal life has no clue of what is awaiting with establishing a career and stability. After years of working CJ realizes that work has contributed to a laundry list of challenges in the once happy marriage, free-spirited life, and excitement once experienced. CJ now overweight, long work hours, decreased funds, and decreased intimacy to name a few has resulted in loss of self…

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