The Life And Importance Of The Prophet Muhammad

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Register to read the introduction… [10] (b) Why did the Quraysh feel they needed to reject the Prophet’s message? Q N2011/P1/4 (a) Describe the Prophet’s conduct as leader in two of the battles he fought in. [10] [4]

(b) What can Muslim leaders today learn from the Prophet’s conduct in their relations with other states? [4] Q J2011/P1/3 (a) Give an account of the events of the Prophet’s night journey and ascension [‘Isra wa-mi’raj]. [10] (b) Explain the importance of this event to the Prophet himself. Q N2010/P1/3 (a) Describe the main difficulties encountered by the Prophet himself during his time in Makka after his call to prophethood. [10] (b) How does his conduct in one of these difficulties provide an example for Muslims today? [4] Q N2010/P1/5 (a) Outline the main events of the Prophet’s journey from Makka to Madina. (b) What was the significance of this journey for the Muslims? Q J2010/P1/3 (a) Write about the life of the Prophet up until the first revelation. (b) Why was his relationship with his wife Khadija important for him? Q J2010/P1/4 (a) Describe the events relating to the Prophet’s experiences in caves. (b) Explain the significance of one of these experiences for the development of Islam. Q N2009/P1/3 (a) Describe two events from the life of the Prophet that illustrate the way he treated nonMuslims. [10] (b) How can
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[10] (b) Explain why one of these figures was important in the development of the Islamic community. [4] Q J2011/P1/5 (a) Describe the difficulties faced by the followers of the Prophet in Makka. (b) What can these stories teach Muslims in their everyday lives today? Q N2010/P1/4 (a) Write about the major contributions made to Islam by Abu Bakr during the Prophet’s lifetime. [10] (b) Why was Abu Bakr given the title ‘Saviour of Islam’? Q J2010/P1/5 (a) Describe the teachings of Islam about the position of women as wives, mothers and daughters. [10] (b) What do these teachings tell us about the relationship between men and women? Q N2009/P1/4 (a) Write briefly about the conversion to Islam of Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthman and ‘Ali. (b) In what ways did the conversion of ‘Umar help the young Muslim community? Q J2009/P1/5 (a) Write accounts of the lives of the Prophet’s two grandsons al-Hasan and al-Husayn. [10] (b) Explain why they each died in the way they did. [4] [10] [4] [4] [4] [10]

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