The Life And Impacts Of Teddy Roosevelt By Theodore Roosevelt

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Teddy Roosevelt was one of the greatest Presidents of all time; however, at one point he was a kid, and the road to greatness was a long one. He was born into wealth, and was surrounded with opportunity. As a child he and his family traveled the world, exposing young Theodore to the world at a young age. This helped him because he had secured a sense of culture and maturity early in life, which will help him later in his life. He had the nickname Teedie, but Teddy was also an acceptable name. Along with being born with a silver spoon, he was also born with asthma, too. He was a small, weak child but was determined to make it in the world. He constantly worked out, making himself stronger each day. He was determined to not let his illness define …show more content…
He made many reforms, attacked many people who were thought to be corrupt or bribed. After that, he became police commissioner of New York. There, he kept police officers in line, and became quite popular for doing so and fighting corruption. As a result, McKinley appointed him the position of assistant secretary of the Navy which will lead into the Spanish American war. There, Teddy Roosevelt became the face of the war thanks to yellow journalism. The picture of Teddy riding into battle as a rough rider made for great propaganda. He and over one thousand men rode on horseback and fought in the battle of San Juan. Among the rough riders were Teddy’s friends, cowboys, and some outlaws even. When he returned to the U.S, he was seen as a war hero. Upon his return to New York, he became governor of the state yet again. He was friends with Platt, and that’s how he got the job again. Because of the scandals Platt was involved in, Teddy was the clear choice. Although, Teddy later went against Platt, and was pressured into becoming the vice president of McKinley. He finally caves, and becomes vice president when McKinley wins the election. But shortly after that, the President was shot and Teddy is thrust into the

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