The, Lies My Teacher Told Me, By James Loewen Essay

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In, Lies my Teacher Told Me, by James Loewen, many different important points are made about how the history textbook industry is corrupt, telling lies, or not telling the whole truth to the young readers. This should be very evident to most people, since textbooks spanning from elementary to high school often tell different pieces of information, and sometimes, complete opposite of those pieces of information. For years, history textbooks have been corrupted by the economically elite, and “teach” children information that will enable them to turn into perfect, radical patriotic, citizens. The main goal of textbooks is to make America out to look like the perfect nation who has never done anything wrong, and is better than all the other countries. Textbooks often achieve their goal, and few people criticize the textbook industries, because many people aren’t aware of the lies they were told as children, and continue to believe as adults.

Throughout the text, Loewen tells the readers that US history is often taught to “minimize controversy” and to make America look like the “international-good-guy”. US History textbooks teach while trying to “minimize controversy” by not telling the whole truth about the atrocities that white people have done to other people throughout the history of America, to spare the feelings of the white people. Textbooks don’t want to offend white people by telling them that their ancestors and historical heros were racist, xenophobic and murderers,…

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