Essay on The Lie Ridden Assassination Of Jfk

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The Lie Ridden Assassination of JFK

Dallas, November 22, 1963. Witnesses from the day claim it to have been beautiful, and even more so as President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s presence had overtaken the city. Unfortunately, this would be the day that President Kennedy would meet his end. At exactly 12:30p.m, three shots were allegedly to have been fired by Lee Harvey Oswald, fatally injuring the President, severely injuring Governor John Connally, and somehow inducing a minor injury on a third passerby. Many intelligence agencies, and various governments claim that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin that killed President John F. Kennedy, a semi-true statement, because In-fact the President had accumulated a number of enemies, many of whom had substantial reasons for taking JFK’s life. A few of these organizations are The Central Intelligence Agency, The KGB, and The Mafia, all of them possessing their own reasons for such an act, and all of them having the resources to exploit Lee Harvey Oswald’s desire to kill JFK.
The CIA is known to have relations with every group or organization that has any kind of influential power. The agency collects these relations, and depends on them for it’s own success. One of these relations was with President Kennedy who was in full support of the CIA, and all of their views and action plans. However this relationship would be severed, due to the failure at the Bay of Pigs. The invasion of Bay of Pigs was essentially a plan made by the CIA to…

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