The Liberal Arts Education Should Be Pursued Essay

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In the conventional American ideology, all people have an equal opportunity to pursue and invest in their personal aspirations. To some, success in these endeavors is only perceivable through a learned and educated mind; others, however, argue that college is no longer worth its expense, whereas work has an immediate reward and payoff. Sanford J. Ungar and Robert Reich explore both of these subjective values in their essays “The New Liberal Arts” and “College is a Ludicrous Waste of Money.” Ungar discusses why a liberal arts education should be pursued; doing so by introducing common misconceptions about liberal arts and, using argumentative persuasion, proves their insignificance. On the other hand, Reich argues against the conventional belief of college being the only road to financial wellbeing; rather, he explains why a two-year education may better accommodate many college students, especially those in need of immediate work or those who simply cannot afford a four-year education. In all, although both Reich and Ungar generally discuss liberal arts education, their perspectives differ when it comes to its practicality in the current economy. To express their different views about liberal arts, the authors use contrasting tones to present their ideas to different intended audiences. In order to analyze the given arguments, one should identify the intended audiences. Ungar explores many ideas, and doing so allows him to appeal to virtually any student considering a…

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