The Liberal Arts And Sciences Essay

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1) What important influences led to your choice of a major in the liberal arts and sciences?

Throughout the process of deciding what to pursue academically, I realized that I have a lot of varying interests. I am passionate about concepts surrounding identity, culture, place and how these interact with more concrete concepts such as science and technology. I knew I wanted to eventually pursue something which involved agriculture and also environmentalism, which are two topics that I have been interested in since I was very young. When I first started school at Lewis & Clark, I quickly noticed how prominent cultural differences were among my peers that came from different regions of the United States. My own culture, coming from an urban setting in Minnesota, was much different from my many friends from small towns in the Bay Area. I felt displaced, but also intrigued. The concept of space and perspective raced through my mind constantly. In my Intro to Environmental Studies class, all of this started to click. I learned about how problems can be reframed depending on where they are situated. The concept of culture as a function of space became so much more relevant. I decided to pursue Environmental Studies at Lewis & Clark because it challenges me to question my own perspectives and identities, while also working to understand others perspectives in relation to their space.

2) Explain what your Lewis & Clark education means to you now and in the future.
When I decided…

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