Essay on The Lgbtq Movement Of America

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The LGBTQ movement in America has been a social issue since the 1940’s, but progress has been made. I chose this topic because my older brother is homosexual, and I wanted to learn more about the movement as a whole. Therefore, I chose to interview my older brother, Shaun, about his role in the LGBTQ community and his perceptions of the movement. I asked him about his contributions to the issue, why it matters to him, his feelings about societies opinion on the community, the end goal of the movement, how the movement has changed since he came out, and how the states he has lived in are more open or hostile towards the community. Before, discussing the interview answers, the background of the LGBTQ movement must be discussed first. The Homophile Years were from the 1940’s to 60’s which started out as the harassment of gays and ended in activism that “gay is good” at the end of the 60’s. The reform tried to solve the problem of the hostile actions and penalties by society connected to homosexual exposure. Achievements such as gay magazine publication, media visibility, and the first employment discrimination cases were won during this time. The 1970’s began a radical movement for change with the Stonewall riot and the Gay Liberation Front influenced by the civil rights movement, feminism, and antiwar movement. The GLF achieved public support for coming out in public, a new expression of pride for the community, and a growth of movement organizations. In addition, the gay…

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