The Lgbt Rights Bill Signed Into Law Essay

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“Massachusetts Transgender Rights Bill Signed Into Law”
By Shachar Peled, CNN, Saturday, July 9, 2016
Area of study: Lawmaking
The governor of Massachusetts signed the new anti-discrimination bill on Saturday, July 9, which allows transgender citizens to use the public restroom that matches their current gender identity. This was a major win for the LGBt community in efforts to stop discrimination and create equality for transgenders. The new law will be implemented starting October 1, 2016. Those who oppose the laws such as the Massachusetts Family Institute argue that the bill will do more harm than good and believe the bill does not protect women and children. They argue that it open the doors to predators and also violates fundamental rights to privacy. However, the governor of Massachusetts stands firm on the decision. Baker stated, “No one should be discriminated against Massachusetts because of their gender identity” as he signed the bill. Massachusetts state senator Sonia Chang-Diaz also stated: “Public accommodations are fundamental to equal rights in America”. The transgender bathroom debate remains highly controversial throughout the United States, but perhaps the signing of the Massachusetts bill will lead to victories in LGBT equality in other states.
“Shooting in North Carolina Draws Comparisons to Trayvon Martin’s Death”
By Daniel Victor, The New York Times, August 11, 2016
Area of Study: Criminal Justice
On Sunday, August 7, 39-year-old…

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