The Lgbt Movement Gaining Traction Essay

1007 Words Aug 14th, 2015 5 Pages
With the LGBT+ movement gaining traction, it is safer than ever for LGBT folks to be out and open about their identities. With this sudden influx of a variety of new labels, more people are being accused of faking their identities for attention, or labeled as trend setters, especially in the trans community. To be transgender means that a person’s gender identity doesn’t match the gender they were designated at birth. For many people, this means a person who was raised as a male now identifying as a female, or vice versa. Though, recently, many people have begun to identify with genders that fall outside the male-female binary. These non-binary genders include, but are not limited to, agender, gender fluid, and bigender (Roxie). Many people, even in the LGBT+ community label non-binary individuals as “trans-trenders” only looking for attention, and that it is too hard to learn the pronouns non-binary folks choose for themselves, or that those pronouns are grammatically incorrect. However, none of these arguments that invalidate the existence of non-binary people are entirely accurate. Everyone should feel safe and comfortable in their everyday lives; therefore, non-binary genders should be universally recognized and accepted. First off, there are some terms used by the trans community that need to be defined, and misconceptions that need to be cleared up. The root trans- means “on the other side of.” Many people have begun to use the word “cisgender” to describe a…

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