The Lgbt Community And State Sponsored Discrimination Essay

1423 Words Nov 17th, 2016 6 Pages
Although the people are afforded a set of rights. Groups are always left out. The LGBT community and their “equal” rights seem to have fallen through the cracks even though there have been advancements in the laws pit in place through the last two presidential terms served by President Obama.

James Michael Nichols’ article entitled “Heres What Happens When Two Men Hold Hands While Walking the Streets of Russia” This article was paired with a video that demonstrates the life that the LGBTQ community endures daily in Russia. The article was published in 2015 but is still relevant today. Although homophobic behavior expected in Russia because few rights are afforded to the community and state sponsored discrimination is legally accepted. Although we have come a long way in the US there are places two men could not walk holding hands within our borders. This shows that we aren 't that far removed from the social disparities of Russia. The LGBT community in the US has been granted “equal” rights although others in this community across the world have not. The video embedded in the article shows a social experiment that depicts the treatment of the LGBT community is treated across the world. It served as a necessary reminder of the state of the rights of the Russian LGBT community where individuals have been subjected to fear and violence for decades.

The Guardian 's article entitled “We Need To Do More To Keep LGBT Employees From Returning To The Closet” further discusses…

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