The Lexical And Syntactic Features Of English Legal Language Essay

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Documentary texts are sometimes difficult to understand and to translate because it is often different from ordinary languages. This difficulty is because the writing conversations are different and a large number of difficult words and phrases are use. It is also bound by the culture of each language. Documentary texts in English legal language are various because legal English considers a separate language. There are two common linguistic features in English legal language, one is lexical and the other is syntactical. Arabic legal language does not has specific legal features, and its features are somehow like the general features of Arabic language. This research clears some of the different rules and features of documentary texts in both English and Arabic languages to avoid difficulties that faces translators during translating such texts.
-English legal features Firstly, we will discuss the lexical and syntactic features of English legal language. Legal English specializes with its own distinctive lexical features. These lexical features are multiple such as the use of archaic terms which trace back to Old and Middle English. Legal English characterizes with its old terms and expressions which cause difficulties to translators and ordinary native speakers to understand such texts. These terms are like hereof, thereby, and hereby. As El-Frahaty (2015) notes, "old expressions do not refer to a precise meaning, i.e. a sentence including 'hereby ' (I hereby…

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